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Milli, you are such a hero of this movement. Truth is the first casualty of totalitarian regimes such as the trans movement, and women are often the second. You are right, only women give birth, whatever they call themselves. Females, by definition, have the eggs and adult human females, as mammals, are the ones who give birth. Since the patriarchy began it has struggled with this simple fact and it is the basis of their need for control of women. If they didn’t control us they wouldn’t know who their children were, and as patriarchy at the core of capitalism they have to be able to pass their wealth on in order to cheat the other thing they can’t control - death.

But they cannot bear their dependence on us. So here we are in the 21st century, using words to pretend that it isn’t women who have the babies, it’s just any “person”, male or female, who happens to get pregnant.

Womb envy has never been more alive and kicking.

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