I am impressed that when a woman complained to the ABA, they changed their post from "parents" to the factual "mums". Because La Leche League (any of its divisions) founded well before the ABA and touting itself as "global experts on breastfeeding" would not have done this. Their commitment to using "a variety of terms" in place of mother knows no bounds and any complainers are told in no uncertain terms that inclusivity for the feelings and beliefs of a tiny minority of delusional women will always be prioritized over the reality of the sexed, embodied experience of breastfeeding. In a public forum such as one of their FB groups, those who believe that mothers, not parents are lynchpin of the "breastfeeding family" will be firmly put in their place, and then blocked from further participation if they fail to bow to the constraints of gender ideology.

LLL is losing Leaders at an unprecedented rate. An adherence to a misogynist philosophy is only one reason why, but it is an important factor in the resignation of many Leaders. Here is one long time Leader's story of why she resigned: https://lucyleader.substack.com/p/goodbye-la-leche-league-i-prefer

And here is the story about how LLL USA educates "parents" who come to them for breastfeeding support, if they have the wrong attitude because they push back against the erasure of women from the breastfeeding sphere: https://lucyleader.substack.com/p/la-leche-league-eliminates-mothers

Thank you Milli, for this brilliant series. This sort of expose can only be done for women; troll around the men's health and interest sites and you will find that they are still being recognized and catered to, as ever under patriarchy.

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