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I get angrier and angrier each week. It's bad enough erasing the word woman in this country where there was a veneer of equality, but in countries where misogynists didn't even pretend to go away is astounding.

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What you are documenting is so important Milli. Thank you. I have been thinking about how with the menstruators thing in particular people use those words as if the stigmatisation is to do with the menstruation itself rather than because it is girls who menstruate and as if period poverty is not the result of undervaluing girls' and women's participation. It's a great way to forget about the sexism inherent in it all.

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I definitely relate to those working in the women’s space who are trying to fly under the radar and continue using the word woman. I was cyberbullied as a teen and am still so sensitive to trolls on the internet that I am not yet able to join the fight and speak out. That’s why I love supporting your work so much Millie. Thank you for doing this hard work.

I am a Fertility Awareness educator and last year I updated all my video courses and website just to feel refreshed after having them for 6 years. I felt a lot of peer pressure from other Fertility Awareness Educators to use the term menstruator but made the decision to stick with the word woman. Some friends said I could say women and menstruators but I still chose not to.

I was curious what your thoughts are on when people use both women and/or menstrutors. I think it’s a little better than erasing the word woman all together, but I still was not comfortable with it in my work but I felt I couldn’t really explain why, so I thought you’d be better at explaining ha!

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