What is The Mule?

The Mule is aiming to be a weekly newsletter from me, Milli Hill. I say ‘aiming’ because, if they shut the schools again, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to keep up any kind of momentum. Indeed, should covid bring an end again to the sheer luxury of weekday childcare, I plan to paint my body with mud and go and live in a crag in the cliffs like the madwoman I was always destined to be.

The Mule was the name of my blog that I wrote for a few years from 2010. I’ve added some of the most popular historic posts from the original blog (which at its height was getting upwards of 30k views a day) to this substack.

The Mule blog launched me as a writer and journalist - and it fuelled me. I loved the creativity of it, and I loved being in control of what I wrote about each week. Some weeks I would write about the politics of motherhood, some weeks I’d do a comic piece on the laundry stack, some weeks I’d try my luck at a parenting sonnet. I managed two of those. Perhaps I have more in me. A project for the cave perhaps.

I want to revive my inner spontaneous creative with this newsletter, go back to my roots and expand my own thinking - so it kind of gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to name it The Mule, as if life was being breathed back into a part of myself I’ve neglected.

About me: I’m a freelance journalist, feminist, author of the Positive Birth Book & Give Birth Like a Feminist (HarperCollins), and I’ve got a new book coming out in 2021 which is NOT about birth! I’ll be sharing my own book news via The Mule, plus whatever else catches my eye on a weekly basis. I hope you will join me.


Milli Hill
Author and Journalist | Positive Birth Book | Give Birth Like a Feminist (HarperCollins) | My Period (for preteens, Hachette) | Agent: @litagencygmc