How wonderful! What an adventure. We've done Mexico and Sweden roadtrips with our 3 year old, staying in cheap air bnb's along the route. Camping has always been reserved for the UK and I only ever stay in one place, the thought of packing and unpacking the tent constantly has put me off doing a camping roadtrip....but, you've inspired me. Maybe France will be on the cards for us.....we have one extra child now too!

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I hope you report back if you do it!

We had 2 very small tents (a tiny bit too small actually!) both 3 man. Could have done with a 3 man and a 4 man. So that made it quicker to be on the move. Plus we travelled light (out of necessity because there simply wasn't room for any extra stuff!) Easier to travel light when you are guaranteed hot weather. Good luck! xx

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