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Making peace with your period

Making peace with your period

with menstrual coach and author Claire Baker

Well folks I’ve bitten the bullet and created this very first episode of The Book Forge - the podcast! As I speak to different people as part of my research for the book, I’ll be uploading our chats here as podcast episodes. These might be women’s health experts, book authors, or perhaps people working in publishing for those of you who want to know more about the process of getting your words in print. If you have any suggestions of people you’d like me to speak to or topics you are curious about, let me know in the comments! And I definitely don’t quite know what I’m doing with podcasts yet (but decided if I waited for that to happen, I’d never get started!), so any general feedback is also welcomed.

This week I spoke to the wonderful Claire Baker, menstrual coach, founder of Cycle Coach School and author of ‘50 things you need to know about periods’. You can find out more about Claire via her website.

And I’ve actually only gone and bloody well written some actual words for the book this week. Make sure you are subscribed to catch my writer’s diary later this week, when I’ll be sharing with you some of the amazing research rabbit holes I’ve been down, from Aristotle to the number 13 to the Venus of Laussel to the ‘revolting power’ of menstrual blood. But for now, I hope you enjoy this fascinating chat with Claire.

The Mule by Milli Hill
The Book Forge
Join me as I write my 4th non fiction book, from the very first stages of planning and research, to publication day, and beyond! As I research the book, I'll be talking to a variety of book authors, writers, and experts in women's health, and recording our conversations for the podcast. I'll also be keeping a diary of my progress on the book, and sharing with you my research and writing progress, on my substack The Book Forge.
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