The Mule by Milli Hill
The Book Forge
Sticking up for women

Sticking up for women

with choreographer Rosie Kay

This week it’s Anti-Bullying week, and in the Book Forge I’ve been thinking about the experience of being bullied as an adult, sharing my own thoughts about this and also a wonderful guest post from dancer and choreographer Rosie Kay. Rosie and I connected over our shared experience of being pilloried for sticking up for the reality of biological sex and women’s sex based rights. In this episode we talk a bit more about what happened to us, and our thoughts on why women are being attacked in this way and how we can survive it.

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The Mule by Milli Hill
The Book Forge
Join me as I write my 4th non fiction book, from the very first stages of planning and research, to publication day, and beyond! As I research the book, I'll be talking to a variety of book authors, writers, and experts in women's health, and recording our conversations for the podcast. I'll also be keeping a diary of my progress on the book, and sharing with you my research and writing progress, on my substack The Book Forge.
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