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Resisting Amazon and why it matters

Resisting Amazon and why it matters

With independent bookseller Anna Wharton

This week in The Book Forge I’m talking to author, Sunday Times bestselling ghost writer, and fellow substacker Anna Wharton. Anna and I have connected over our similar substacks – in hers, The Book Room, you can follow her progress as she sets up a ‘real life’ book shop. We decided to have a chat about the publishing industry, the money involved for both authors and retailers, and what needs to change to make it not just fair, but viable.

What followed was a really consciousness-shifting discussion about what actually matters in life, and how our shopping habits can not only reflect what we value - but also keep what we value alive.

As Anna puts it during our discussion:

“If you are willing to acknowledge the time and the effort and the craft that has gone into a book and pay full price for it, you are actually contributing to this eco-system that not only keeps books being published by publishers, it keeps independent shops there, and it keeps writers writing. Customers choosing to do that is quite a big act that they’re not even aware of.”

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